Fastening Systems

EFCO Fastening Systems

High quality all certified products made in Europe

For water-, air pipes and cables

Pipe sizes 8mm to 128mm diam

Indoor or Outdoor (UV stable) versions

Selected sizes available in different colours to fit various environments or applications

Wide range of accessories for multiple mounting options

For radiating cables in tunnels or in buildings

Standard and Fireproof fasteners

Screw and Anchor type fastening

Plastic or stainless Steel

New SKH-family with few details allowing rapid installation, saving time

Wide range of accessories for installation in various environments


Delta family nylon dovels for concrete. Screw size 2,3 – 12 mm. Drill size 4 – 15 mm.

Delta XM family nylon dovels for multiple wall materials; concrete, plaster, porous. Screw types can be wood (3 – 12 mm) or machine (M3 to M10) threads. Drill size 5 – 14 mm.

WECO Concrete Anchors

With mm threads from M4 to M10. Easy to install and equipment can be mounted and removed infinite times due to the brass anchors design.

Cable Ties, Thomas & Betts

Nylon, indoor and outdoor

Metall and Stainless steal

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