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Solving EMI Challenges ranging from 50Hz to 40GHz. We take pride in bringing technologically superior products across the spectrum to you. We continuously develop, test and push boundaries to build better products.


● Defense and Aerospace
● Medical & Healthcare
● Automotive & Transit
● Consumer Appliances

● Building Technology
● Telecommunication
● Industrial Technology
● Power & Energy


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Factory Automation
Industries often rely on automation systems such as assembly lines, automatic movers, packers, RFID barriers, and other robotic devices that are heavily computerized and therefore largely susceptible to EMI.
Addition of EMI filters significantly lower the EMI noise of these systems without a significant impact on the cost, size, or function.

EMIS offers a large range of filters with pre-approved certifications by CSA, UL, NEMKO, VDE, CE and UKCA. EMIS keeps itself ahead of the curve and undertakes custom requirements for new products.

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Motor Drives
Modern VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) using IGBT switches for motor frequency control are prone to much higher EMI being generated because of high frequency transistor switching. High dV/dt rates at the motor connected to the VFD result in radiated electric fields and voltage spikes conducted along the motor cabling.

These emissions can be conducted to other electrical equipment connected to the utility. EMIS offers solutions for VFD problems ranging from corrupted data transmission to electric motor drive damage.

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Power Supply
Electronic power supplies (SMPS – switched-mode power supply) are used to provide input power to a host of electronic devices such as LED lighting, computers, set top boxes, mobile phones, electric vehicles, motor drivers, DC relays and battery chargers. This happens by converting an input AC voltage into regulated DC voltage at high frequencies ranging from a few kHz to over 1 MHz. EMI generated from switching electrical current can cause malfunction and damage to nearby equipment.

We recommend that EMI Filters are used in all power supplies to prevent EMI. We ensure the highest adherence to safety standards that are able to protect equipment against electric shock.


Power Quality

  • Reactor
  • Harmonic Filter
  • Output Filters
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EMI / EMC Filters

  • Single Phase
  • DC Filter
  • MRI Filter
  • Two Phase
  • Three Phase
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Choke Coils

  • Differential Mode
  • Common Mode
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  • Industrial DC-filter
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Military Grade Filters

  • Power Line Filter
  • Tempest Filter
  • Signal Line Filter
  • Data Line Filter
  • Control Line Filter
  • Secondary Protector
  • EMI Filter for MIL STD
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Feedthrough Components

  • Feedthrough Capacitor
  • Feedthrough Filter
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Surge Protectors

  • Single Phase
  • Three Phase
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