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All cases can be shipped with or without internal foam. With foam you can choose between standard foam (can be cut/adjusted) or customized cut foam after customers specification. Foam in different qualities available.
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Some models are available with internal mounting studs for front panels or electronics so the cases can be used to house portable equipment.

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501 family, Rugged
Temp range: -40 to +90 deg. C.
Padlock possibility
Outer sizes range: 280*230*98 mm to 668*500*376 mm.
Inner sizes range: 255*185*83 mm to 597*426*339 mm.
Typical use: Storage/transportation for sensitive parts, products and devices. As encapsulation for portable equipment.
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502 family
Outer sizes range: 235*185*45 mm to 540*400*180 mm.
Inner sizes range: 225*137*40 mm to 510*350*170 mm.
Foam: either no foam, standard foam (can be cut/adjusted), customized cut foam after customers specification
Typical use: Spare parts, tools, Demo units
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